Egg Nog Taste Test

Wednesday 25 December 2019

A egg nog taste test? That's right! There are so many different types out there these days that I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to give more than one a go this season and give my review. Please keep in mind that some of the egg nogs I review are exclusive to California, but your area is bound to have something similar.
Clover Egg Nog

You may not have Clover in your area. Or if you do, it may be a different dairy with the same name. But what this is, is your base level egg nog. Think of your local brand of milk. No matter what store you go into, you can find some of that brand. You can find it in a big chain store to a small mom and pop store. That's what Clover is.

This is also a good egg nog. It's not the best I've had, but it's also not bad at all. If you take price into account, this could even be the best one as it's reasonably priced AND tasty. Some of the fancier ones that I've liked have higher prices so I may not always want to indulge.

Clover egg nog is rich, creamy, and tasty. It has the classic egg nog taste you've come to know an love. It's it just as good as what our parents or grandparents drank when they were young? No, probably not. But it's a great reasonably priced treat for the season. So whatever your local brand is called, their nog is probably just as good, if not exactly like Clover's.

This gets 8 nights of Christmas out of 12.

Strauss Egg Nog

You may not have Strauss brand near you, but you're bound to have something like it. You may have to travel to your local specialty store as maybe Safeways and Nob Hills/Raleys may not carry it, but there has to be something near you. This is a dairy that produces a "higher end" milk. It comes in a glass bottle, sometimes has a cream top that you need to shake like a paint mixer in an earthquake, but when it's all done, it's damn good. As far as their egg nog? The taste and texture and there for sure. Higher end dairies know exactly what they're doing. But the real issue is the uptick in price vs quality. Personally, the difference in quality isn't worth double the price of a standard nog. So even though this one tastes great, the high price causes the rating to fall.

Strauss Egg Nog gets 7 nights of Christmas out of 12

Blue Diamond Almond Milk Nog

That's right, Blue Diamond, the nut company, put out an dairy free egg nog. It's called "almond nog" since it has to have egg in it to be "egg nog." This one does a better job than most of the other non-dairy egg nogs I've had. The texture is very close to traditional nog which helps the experience greatly. The taste is good as the spices cover up the almond taste. The one thing its lacking is the creaminess that traditional nog would have. But as far as a substitute for my vegan or dietary restricted readers, this is a good option.

This gets 8 out of 12 nights of Christmas.

Califia Farms Holiday Nog

This one used to be my favorite non-dairy option until I tried the Blue Diamond one. Which makes the Blue Diamond version not only better, but easier to find. This one lacks in texture. It falls between Silk and traditional egg nog. The taste is just okay. I don't hate it. If offered, I will drink it. But I would never choose to drink it. Not bad but not good places this right in the middle.

Califia Farms Holiday Nog gets 6 out of 12 nights of Christmas.

Good Karma Dairy Free Holiday Nog

This egg nog substitute is made out of flax milk and spiced with nutmeg and ginger. It's not a thick as traditional egg nog or even other substitutes like the Blue Diamond brand or the Califia, so that was an issue. Initially it drinks weird, both in flavor and texture. But it finishes relatively well. The spices add a nice finishing note but over all it's just okay.

Good Karma Dairy Free Holiday Nog gets 5 out of 12 nights of Christmas.

Silk Nog (Original)

This dairy alternative drink is made from the ever controversial soy milk. Though unless you have sever kidney problems I don't think soy milk's level of phytoestrogen will be harmful to you. But again, I'm not a doctor, so don't listen to me on that regard. What you should listen to me on is how this tastes. It tastes... okay. This is the most mediocre of the non-dairy nog alternatives I've tried thus far. This has the same textural issues that the Good Karma nog but doesn't have the benefit of flavor. It's not bad, per say. Just not very good. I can see this being a great idea when the notion of dairy-free was still new. But now that we have so much more to choose from, I'd go with either Blue Diamond or Califia.

Silk Nog gets 3 out of 12 nights of Christmas.

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