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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Anne and I love to do these book tag posts and we try to post them on the same day, unless I get forgetful and don't post mine. This one is based on things that make you... wait for it... HAPPY! Yay for being happy!

1. A book you can always go back to and feel happy

Storm Front by Jim Butcher. This is always going to be my answer for any favorite book related questions. I'm a huge mark for Dresden. I love the world, I love the characters, I love the stories. I love how Dresden and his powers grow as the ante for each story grows and grows. Storm Front is the book I can always turn back to. I may like other Dresden books more, but Storm Front is where it all started.

2. Your standoms (your number one joy filled fandom or fandoms)

I don't really have one. Fandoms annoy me. I can be considered a Potterhead. I can be considered a Whovian. I used to be a huge weeb. There are a lot of fandoms I can be a part of, but I don' really partake. I think it just reminds me too much of my awkward nerd years and I get second hand embarrassment.

3. Type of book cover you’ll always pick up in a bookstore

The standard fantasy book cover will always grab my attention. The old kind too. Terry Brooks, Mercedes Lackey, Piers Anthony. Stuff like that. Classic fantasy. A group of people, usually a human or two, a dwarf or elf, some other creature that may be unique to that book. Maybe a treasure chest, sword, dragon, or something else capturing their attention. I may not read that much classic fantasy anymore but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for it.

4. A book trope that you love

I could say the rag tag group that's supposed to fight the big evil in a fantasy book, but I feel that that answer harkens back too much to my last answer so instead I'll say: The rag tag crew of a starship. See? Same answer but different setting. I win.

5. An anticipated release that makes you happy when you think about it

I was told I can't use Dresden as an answer again so this one was harder that I anticipated. The book that I'm excited for, the one that makes me happy, doesn't even have a release date yet. It's the third book in the Sixth World series by Rebecca Roanhorse. I picked up the first book on a whim. I needed a new audio book to listen to at work and Trail of Lightening just happened to be the sale book that day. That God I did because I found one of my new favorite authors. When book two Storm of Locusts came out, I got it right away and listened to it over two days. I can't wait for book three.

6. An author whose full canon of books you love

Seriously? I can't use Jim Butcher (author of the Dresden Files) as my answer? Fine. I was going to say Becky Chambers, author of The Wayfarers series but I didn't think I could honestly count her as she's only written four books that I've only read two of. So I'm going with Brandon Sanderson. I may not have read all of his books, but I read enough that I can say that I'm familiar with his voice and enjoy it a lot. I've read his books for adults, his YA books, and his middle grade books and I've enjoyed them all.

7. Your coziest go-to reading snack/drink

The snack has to be something that won't make my fingers all greasy. It can't be chocolate because I don't want to get chocolate on my book. Anything cheesy is out. Just ask Anne about how Darkest Minds and Cheetos mix. I got it. One of my favorite snacks is Chex Mix. If you go with the original flavor there's not a lot of dust or flavoring to transfer from your fingers to the pages. Napkins would be wise but not necessary.

The drink could be anything. You don't have to be as careful with stains from drinks as you do snacks. And it also depends what mood I'm in. Whiskey? Beer? Something non-alcoholic like soda, juice, tea, or water? It really depends.

8. A book you’ve shared with with family or friends

This answer has to be Storm Front even though I'm trying not to double up on answers. Anne and I go to a lot of library book sales and whenever I see a copy of Storm Front for cheap I always pick it up just in case I meet someone who likes fantasy or urban fantasy and has never read it.

9. A fellow booktuber or book blogger whose content always brings you joy

Can I use my wife's blog as an answer?

10. Name something about the content you create that you love

It makes me happy when I come up with a clever play on words. I also love it when a book or movie review just flows like warm butter and I don't have to keep pausing, deleting, rewriting, deleting again, then getting frustrated and watching Smash Ultimate tournaments on YouTube.

I don't have many readers. I know this. But it makes me happy that at least a couple people read my content. So thank you, if you're one of them.

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